Partial list (alphabetical) of recent/forthcoming publications: Atlas & Alice, (b)OINK zine (defunct), Cognoscenti, Crack the Spine, FIVE:2:ONE, Gravel, Harpoon Review, The Healing Muse, The Hopper, The Humanist, Hypertext Magazine, Hypertrophic Lit, jmwwLost Balloon, Maudlin House, Random Sample Review, The Sunlight Press, and Washington Post. See full list below for links. 


Expiration Date (FIVE:2:ONE – forthcoming September 2018 – Print Issue 21)

Bitter Pills (Hypertrophic Lit – forthcoming Summer 2018)

Last Call (Gravel Magazine – forthcoming 2018)

The Hollow of Freestone Peaches (Lost Balloon – forthcoming March 2018)

LifeColor Indoor Latex Paints®  (jmww – February 2018)

Life Without Anesthesia (Crack the Spine – Issue 231 / February 2018)

Aisle Ten: First-Aid ((b)OINK zine – December 2017)

Raspberry Jam (Harpoon Review – November 2017)

Three Angies (Random Sample Review – June 2017)

Should Have (Harpoon Review – May 2017)

Ninety-Seven Minutes of Grief on the Mohs Hardness Scale (Maudlin House – April 2017)

Gnome (Hypertext Magazine – March 2017)

Waiting for the Hoarfrost (The Hopper – January 2017)

The Rush of a Fifteen-Minute Heroine (Swarm Literary Journal – July 2016) [journal defunct]

Penny Wise (shortlisted finalist in the MASH Stories short story competition; now available in audio)


Books Will Be Books: Enough With Gendered Children’s Lit (Cognoscenti – July 2017)

Teaching my daughter the art of negotiation (Washington Post – April 2017)

Benthic Love: On Mothering & Foraminifera (Mothers Always Write – March 2017)

Avoiding Books, Even Fiction, About Tragedies I Fear (Cognoscenti – March 2017)

Pilgrimage (Atlas + Alice – December 2016, Issue 8) *Nominated for Best of the Net 2017 by Atlas + Alice

After this election, what I can do for my daughter (Washington Post – November 2016)

Single Vision, Double Take (The Healing Muse Vol. 16 – October 2016) [print only]

About a Book: Loving It, Loaning It, Longing To Get It Back (Cognoscenti – September 2016)

The Gifts of Life and Death (Mothers Always Write – July 2016)

The Elucidating Light of a Missed Sunset (Gravel Magazine – June 2016)

The Flight of the Cardinal (The Hopper – May 2016) [print only]

The Case for a Dog (Medium – January 2016)

My Feelings on Paper (Club Mid/Scary Mommy – September 2015)

Thirteen Windows (Brain, Child – March 2015)

Tacos & Tolerance (The Humanist – Jan/Feb 2015) [also in print]

Op-Ed: WAHMs, WOHMs, and SAHMs: Deflecting Judgment With Confidence (Literary Mama – November 2014)

Silence and Echoes: Stopping Subtle Sexism (Mamalode – October 2014)

Long After a Divorce, the Question of Family Photographs Lingers (NYT Motherlode – June 2014)

Op-Ed: Awkward Pauses: My Life as a Secular Parent (Literary Mama – June 2014)


“Lips Laced With Citrus” (Issue 3 of (b)OINK – March 2017) [poem]


Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng (The Sunlight Press – December 2017)

Village Atheists: How America’s Unbelievers Made Their Way in a Godly Nation by Leigh Eric Schmidt (The Humanist – February 2017) [also in print, Mar/Apr 2017 issue]

Grace Without God: The Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Belonging in a Secular Age by Katherine Ozment (The Humanist – June 2016) [also in print, July/August 2016 issue]

LEGAL WRITING (Land Use, Zoning + Urban Agriculture)

From May 2013 – January 2015, I wrote the legal advice column for Modern Farmer magazine (online only).

Zoning for Urban Wildlife and Biodiversity, Zoning Practice, Vol. 1, 2013, American Planning Association (January 2013) [print / online for APA members only]

Complying With Local Zoning Bylaws & Ordinances: Five Pointers for Home-Based Businesses, Home Business Magazine (May/June 2012) [print]

The Patent Paradox: How the Characteristics of Genetically Modified Organisms Take Advantage of Intellectual Property Laws Yet Avoid Disclosure to Consumers, The Natural Farmer (published by the Northeast Organic Farming Association) (Spring 2012 edition) [print]

Raising Backyard Poultry Without Ruffling Too Many Feathers: How to Comply With Local Regulations and Bylaws and Keep Your Neighbors Happy, The Natural Farmer (published by the Northeast Organic Farming Association) (Summer 2011 edition) [print]

“Light Pollution in the U.S.: An Overview of the Inadequacies of the Common Law and State and Local Regulation”, 36 New England L. Rev. 985 (2002)

Other legal writing samples available upon request.