Thursday Three

a place for me to set down three writerly + readerly thoughts for you to ponder each week

  • I’m having some serious self-doubt as a writer lately. That’s the honest truth and it comes from a variety of sources and character flaws. (Note: I’m not looking for a pity party here. Really! This is NORMAL on the sine wave of a writer’s life, I’m pretty sure, and just something I’m sitting with.) So this piece about imposter syndrome over at Fast Company feels like an important sign in the “I found it at the right time” world of serendipity.
  • A few Thursdays ago I linked to a review of Michael Finkel’s latest book, The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit. I read the book over the weekend and it was incredibly good. Not just the story and the storytelling, but the abundance of bibliographical references that I will absolutely be seeking out. If you are interested in stories about solitude, you need to read this one.
  • Next Friday through Sunday I will be attending Grub Street’s The Muse & The Marketplace. Is anyone else out there going? (There seem to be spots still available.) Although the introvert in me is a little anxious about it, I’m extremely excited to go; it’s the first time I’ll be attending something on this kind of scale. I will report back in a few weeks with whatever insightful information I can glean.

Please note there will be no Thursday Three on 5.04.17.

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  1. One of my favourite stories of solitude is called “One Man’s Wilderness”, about a man who built his own cabin by hand in the Alaskan bush. The book is drawn from his journals and photographs. Fascinating!


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